Cook Elementary School


Our Staff

School Administrators

N. Kusch Vice-Principal
S. Loat Principal

Counselling Staff

M. Chan Psychologist
O. Tolfo Counselor Email 

Office Staff

A. Hsieh Administrative Assistant
V. Lau Head Administrative Assistant


Division Grades
L. Araki Teacher 18 Grade 1
J. Bailey Teacher 21 Kindergarten
C. Benedet Teacher 14 Grade 2, Grade 3
W. Brown Teacher 8 Grade 4, Grade 5
L. Byrne Teacher 15 Grade 1, Grade 2
M. Collins Teacher 7 Grade 4, Grade 5
E. Gallagher Teacher 12 Grade 2, Grade 3
D. Hawke Teacher 6 Grade 5, Grade 6
E. Hodder Teacher 13 Grade 2, Grade 3
C. Houston Teacher 10 Grade 3, Grade 4
H. Khangura Teacher 3 Grade 6, Grade 7
E. Ky Teacher 17 Grade 1, Grade 2
G. Lee Teacher 10 Grade 3, Grade 4
D. Lee Teacher 11 Grade 3, Grade 4
M. Lo Teacher 20 Kindergarten
J. Naka Teacher 4 Grade 6, Grade 7
J. Ornai Teacher 2 Grade 6, Grade 7
C. Rollo Teacher 5 Grade 5, Grade 6
P. Tan Teacher 16 Grade 1, Grade 2
J. Tennant Teacher 1 Grade 6, Grade 7
R. Trahey Teacher 23 Kindergarten
I. Uhrig Teacher 18 Grade 1, Grade 2
L. Verkade Teacher 9 Grade 3, Grade 4
M. Yuen Teacher 22 Kindergarten

Support Staff

M. Adamski Educational Assistant
D. Alvarez Noon Hour Supervisor
J. Bezo District Resource Contact
S. Bhandal Educational Assistant
M. Dadural SWIS
J. Doll Resource/ELL
L. Groenheyde Educational Assistant
N. Hajirakar Custodian
Ms. T. Hawkins ECSW
J. Henry Nurse
M. Herger Educational Assistant
A. Hilder Educational Assistant
I. Kim Resource/ELL
E. Lavender Speech and Language Pathologist
J. Lee Band/ Music Teacher
T. Ma Resource/ELL
E. Macklin Educational Assistant
M. Magnan Early Learning Centre Facilitator
L. Mah Resource/ELL
K. Mann Educational Assistant
J. Mcdowell Noon Hour Supervisor
K. Mindess Speech and Language Pathologist
T. O'Toole Hearing Teacher Email 
R. Palomares Custodian
K. Puac Educational Assistant
S. Rubio Resource/ELL
A. Shields Educational Assistant
E. Soo Resource/ELL
S. Spence Educational Assistant
M. Stark Educational Assistant
N. Stogan Aboriginal Support Email 
T. Storey Teacher Librarian W. Cook LLC 
E. Tabi ELL
N. Thomson Resource/ELL
A. Tran Noon Hour Supervisor
J. Vandeleur Educational Assistant
E. Wilczewski Educational Assistant
A. Wong Resource/ELL
V. Woo Noon Hour Supervisor