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Technology Use in Mathematics

Mathematics in the Richmond School District

January 2019

There are many questions that arise for educators and parents around the use of technology and the learning of mathematics. In classrooms, there is a professional judgement made as to the suitable use of technology and whether it is enhancing the learning experience in some way. In mathematics, there are many applications that allow for students to visualize and experience mathematics in ways they would not otherwise be able to (one example is the use of Desmos). Another aspect of using technology in mathematics is as a tool to represent and share students' learning. There are many accessibility features available on devices for students who may need different tools to support their communication or recording of ideas. Technology can be a powerful tool to support inclusive practices, choice and differentiation.

Calculators are not intended to be used to replace the foundational knowledge and understanding developed through calculations and practice with the operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Calculators are often used to explore mathematical ideas, investigate patterns and relationships, and support reasoning and justification and may be used when the focus of the task is on problem-solving or thinking about a numeracy task.

When we look at BC's redesigned curriculum for information on the role of technology within a learning environment, the following is shared:

Students need opportunities to develop the competencies required to use current and emerging technologies effectively in all aspects of their learning and life. Technology can facilitate collaboration between students, educators, parents, and classrooms while also providing schools with rich online resources. Today’s technology enables classrooms, communities, and experts around the world to share digitally in a learning experience, wherever they may be.

For more information about BC’s mathematics curriculum, talk to your child’s teacher, school administration or contact Janice Novakowski, K-12 District Teacher Consultant for Mathematics & Numeracy at

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