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March Math Newsletter

Mathematics in the Richmond School District

March 2019

One area of focus in our mathematics curriculum in BC is connecting mathematics learning to place, story, community and culture. This is considered a “curricular competency” and is a focus from Kindergarten through Grade 12 and can be connected to many math topics such as geometry, measurement and number concepts.

The focus and thinking behind this curricular competency are the ideas of authenticity, meaningfulness, engagement and connectedness. Not all mathematics learning needs be contextualized or connected to "real life" but for many students, providing tasks and problems that connect to place, community and culture may support their mathematical thinking and learning and broaden their understanding and appreciation for what math is and how it can be experienced. 

Your child might experience this type of mathematical learning in many ways. A class may go on a math walk, noticing where they see math in their neighbourhood. Students may notice an issue in their neighbourhood or community and think about how mathematics can help them understand the problem, collect information and communicate that information in the form of graphs or charts. Students might make connections to mathematics while they engage in local Indigenous cultural practices like weaving or carving as part of an ADST (Applied Design, Skills and Technologies) project.

For more information about BC’s mathematics curriculum, visit the BC curriculum website at or talk to your child’s teacher, school administration or contact Janice Novakowski, K-12 District Teacher Consultant for Mathematics & Numeracy at

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