Cook Elementary School


Letter from Principal

March 30, 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope you and your family are well and that you have found some time to rest and enjoy this time away from school. I know for many of you, you have had to cancel holidays, missed family gatherings, and had unexpected changes to daily routines. Throughout all of this, I hope you have been able to spend time as a family making the best of these very unfortunate circumstances. As you are aware, with the suspension of in-class instruction, how we do our work is going to be very different for the next while as all of us are going to be operating in an environment of tremendous uncertainty. Continuing our focus on relationships in this time of physical distancing is of the utmost importance and I am confident we will meet this challenge together.

Please know that maintaining a healthy and safe environment is our highest priority. As such, for the first week back, and until further notice, the school is closed to the public and the building will be secured. If your child needs to pick up essential personal items from school, I will send a message home next week to provide information on how and when we will be able to arrange an opportunity to access the school.

This week will be a time for our teachers to reconnect and turn their minds to how to design learning opportunities for their students. This means new ways to work together online, new resources they might need, new tools to use, and new ways to support our students. At some point this week teachers will reach out and make a connection with your child. The first communication from teachers will mostly be for the purpose of reconnecting and to ask some questions on how to best support your child for remote learning. Teachers are also using their established, regular means of communication to additionally reach out (e-portfolio portal, email, etc.) Please keep in mind that in this situation teachers are having to re-design how they teach students. This process will take some time and care, and your patience is appreciated.

I hope this message provides you with some clarity regarding what to expect this week. We are grateful to be part of a such a caring community and I know we will manage the uncertainty and challenges of the future together. I will share information and keep you informed through email and on our school website. The District will continue to keep families informed of matters related to the COVID-19 response on their website at

Take care of yourself and your family and please feel free reach out to me via email with any of your questions or concerns.

Kind regards,
Mrs. Sarah Loat

Mon, 2020/03/30 - 5:13pm