Cook Elementary School


Newsletter - April 20, 2020

Message from the Administration:
During COVID-19 we are spending many hours at home being safe and not participating in our typical activities and routine. During the last few weeks, it has been especially hard to ensure your children are getting some daily exercise and getting to bed at a regular hour. Setting aside a consistent time to complete the online learning activities that the teachers have been assigning each day will help to make the days have more structure, and therefore create more routine in your children’s day. Maintaining routines and structures will help children to self- regulate and lessen anxiety that may be occurring due to all the unforeseen changes that have occurred over the past few weeks.
We are happy to announce that the school district will be implementing a video conference tool to help maintain connection with your child’s teacher during this time of learning at home. The name of this tool is Zoom. There will be a separate e-mail coming out following this newsletter that will explain to you how this tool will work. It is important that you read this carefully and translate it if necessary. Your teacher will be contacting you with more information regarding Zoom this week. We hope this tool will help your child connect with his/her teacher more easily during this time of learning at home.
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Mon, 2020/04/27 - 3:57pm