Cook Elementary School


Newsletter - May 11, 2020

Message from the Administration:

This week’s newsletter highlights Social Awareness.  Social Awareness is when we empathize with others and appreciate their perspectives. We are welcoming and inclusive, and practise and encourage people’s sense of safety and belonging. We recognize that there are acceptable ways of behaving both socially and ethically. We have been practising a lot of Social Awareness over the past six weeks as we keep ourselves and others’ safe by staying inside, washing our hands, and by social distancing when we go outside.

There is also social awareness required when you use social media. We encourage you to review the suggestions in this newsletter with your children if you have not already regarding social responsibility when using their devices.

Reminder: Friday, May 15th is a Professional Development Day. There will only be four days of online learning activities sent home in the learning plans this week. Teachers will be participating in virtual professional learning sessions on various topics. Also, Monday, May 18th is Victoria Day. Have a wonderful long weekend!

Please see attached for the full version of the newsletter.

Wed, 2020/05/13 - 10:31am