Cook Elementary School


Newsletter - June 8, 2020

Message from the Administration:

We are starting to plan for the next school year that starts in September 2020. By the middle of June, we make our best guess about our enrollment numbers for September. The district uses these numbers to determine how many teachers we will need to start the year. In the early spring, we sent home a form asking families if they plan to remain at Cook in the coming year. If your circumstances have changed since filling out the form, please let us know as soon as possible.

The number of students that return that first week in September is the number we use in organizing the classes. Parents are reminded that they must fill out a Late Return Form along with a letter explaining the extended holiday if their children will be returning to school later than noon on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. Students must return to the school by end of Wednesday, September 16, 2020 in order to continue their enrollment at Cook Elementary School. Please be advise that any students plan to return later than September 16, 2020 will be taken out of our enrollment and will need to be re-registered at the School Board Office. These forms are attached at the bottom of this post or may be obtained from the school office. If parents do not complete one of these forms or write a letter to the principal, we cannot guarantee that your children will be able to return to our school in September.

Thank you so much for helping us by keeping us informed!


Wed, 2020/06/10 - 8:05am