Cook Elementary School


Final Newsletter - June 24, 2020

Message from the Administration:

What can you say about the past few months of this school year: unprecedented, uncertain, and unpredictable. However, we’ve made it through this chapter of the pandemic and one of the positive things that was evident is how our community responded. The care and commitment to make sure we were all safe and thriving while staying connected through phone calls, e-mails, e-portfolios and Zoom sessions were impressive. I am so proud of our teachers for the amazing learning plans they provided for their students. I also want to thank you as families. I know this online learning experience has had its ups and downs. Never before have we needed to ask so much of parents, and I wanted you to know how much your efforts have been appreciated.

September will bring new challenges and new opportunities. I wish I could tell you more at this time what school will look like next year. I do know that we all need to trust in the people making those difficult decisions and be confident that when school re-opens in September that we will be safe and able to learn and play together as a caring community once again. We look forward to seeing you all in our newly finished school building!

I wish you and your family a wonderfully safe and happy summer!

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Wed, 2020/06/24 - 2:17pm