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• By law, all children in B.C. must be educated, making it necessary for homeschooled children to be registered. Parents can choose to register their student as a homeschool student in a public school district or in an independent school.

• The Ministry of Education requires the completion of the registration and homeschooling application process by September 30th of each year.

• Once a student is registered as a homeschool student in SD38, parents do not need to reregister for homeschool each school year.

• Homeschooling is an educational program provided to a child by a parent, not under the supervision or direction of a qualified teacher. This is not the same as distributed (online or remote) learning. Distributed learning programs or courses are taught by qualified persons who are certified by the Ministry's Teacher Regulation Branch.

• Students in Grades 10, 11, or 12 may enrol in a distributed learning program or course and also be registered as a homeschooler.

• Typically, a family member delivers the entire educational program to children at home. They are responsible for the curriculum, selection of educational resources, implementation approaches and supervision of the educational program.

• Homeschooling programs are not:

o Supervised by a B.C. certified teacher

o Required to meet provincial standards

o Inspected by the Ministry of Education

• A Grade 12 homeschool student cannot graduate with a B.C. Dogwood Graduation Diploma.

• Parents wishing to register their children as homeschool students must first register for SD38, then complete and submit a Richmond School District SA-9 Home Education Registration Form. This form can be obtained from your school office or from Central Registration.

• A school principal (for current students) or District Administrator (for new registrants) must sign the SA-9 Form. Schools will then email a copy of the completed form to Lisa Urata (Learning Services) at

• Parents can request a periodic assessment and/or the loan of educational resource materials. Such requests should be submitted to the principal of the school that the student would normally attend (e.g., catchment school).

• Students who are registered as homeschooled in SD38 are not registered in a school. If a parent of a homeschooled student wishes to enroll in a school program, they must re-register with Central Registration. Registration and placement will be subject to established deadlines and space available.


Homeschooling Parent FAQs

How can I withdraw my current SD38 student from their school and homeschool my child?

• Parent must complete and submit a Richmond School District SA-9 Home Education Registration Form to the school office. The school principal will review the form, and once approved, the school office will withdraw the student and re-register the student as a homeschool student.

• A space will not be held or reserved at the school for a student who changes their status to homeschool student.

• Homeschool students who wish to change their status and attend school in person again must register at Central Registration. Please refer to our district website for the process, requirements and timelines.

Can my child be homeschooled part-time and attend classes at school part-time?

• No. A student must be registered as homeschooled full-time or attending school full-time.

Can my child join field trips and or school events at their local catchment school?

• No.

Do you offer Online/Remote/Distributed Learning for elementary and secondary grades?

• Richmond Virtual School (RVS) offers distributed learning as a blended learning model for Grades 10, 11 and 12 only.

• Parents interested in distributed learning should visit or contact RVS at 604-668-6371.

• The district does not currently offer distributed learning for elementary grades.

What are homeschooling laws while studying abroad or traveling outside of B.C.?

• The School Act only applies to residents in B.C. Families that reside outside of B.C., would be subject to the local laws governing education where they reside. Once a family returns and takes up residence in B.C., they would either have to enroll their child in a school or register them as a homeschool student.

Can we borrow educational materials while we are residing out of the country?

• No.

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