Cook Elementary School


Cook Cougars Newsletter #3


Many of our teachers at Cook are Communicating Student Learning using digital portfolios, which will provide you with the information you need in order to understand where your children are in their learning and where they need to go. By using the e-portfolio, you get to read comments about your child’s learning while simultaneously viewing a sample of your child’s actual work. This gives you a clear link between student work and teacher assessment. E-portfolio posts will happen on an ongoing basis throughout the school year. We hope that both you and your child will actively participate in an ongoing dialogue about learning through these e-portfolios. If your child is part of our school district Innovation Grant they will not be receiving traditional report cards. These teachers will have let you know if they are participating in using an alternative reporting schedule and e-portfolios to communicate student learning.

The most important kind of assessment for student learning is what educators call ‘Assessment for Learning’. This is the feedback that teachers give students as they are working. It guides student thinking and provides insights for improvement. This ‘Assessment for Learning’ is done every day in classrooms as students work and interact.

When teachers talk about ‘Assessment of Learning’ they refer to the kind of assessment done at the end of a unit of study or at the end of a term. This kind of information is helpful to parents and to teachers but is less helpful for students as they learn. It is not immediate enough for students and the suggestions can’t be easily applied to the new work they are doing.

Report card time is also a great time to set new personal learning goals. Setting goals is a great routine for children to get into when they are young. It helps them become lifelong learners!


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Fri, 2020/11/06 - 8:15am