Cook Elementary School


Cook Drill Notice

Every year, students and staff are required to conduct emergency drills to ensure that we know how to respond safely and appropriately to emergency situations. Each year we participate in:

6 – Fire Drills
2 – Earthquake Drills
2 – Lockdown and Hold & Secure Drills (in the event of an emergency inside or outside of the school)

Teachers review the procedures with their students prior to each drill. Drills are intended to be calm and efficient, taking only a few minutes each time.

If you arrive at Cook during one of our drills, a sign will be posted on our front door. Please wait outside until the drill is over.

We had our first Fire Drill in October and we will be having a Hold & Secure Drill on Tuesday, November 24th. We lock the doors, roll down window shutters and students stay in their class. We would use this type of procedure if there was a danger outside the school like a broken gas line or a police incident in the neighbouring area. Training our staff and students to know what to do leads to a calm response and safety for all.

If you have any questions, please feel free to see your child’s teacher or the administrators.

Tue, 2020/11/17 - 2:21pm