Cook Elementary School


Cook Cougars Newsletter #8


Pink Shirt Day 2021 was a very successful day at Cook!

It was a great way to reinforce the Cook Cougars Care for ourselves, each other, this place. I continue to be impressed by the number of students and parents who exchange “Good morning” “Have a good day” with me. It makes me feel welcome and I hope it gives students and parents a pleasant start to their day.

We continue to help students feel welcome and safe at school. Parents can help the learning continue by reinforcing that it is never okay to hit or push another student or adult. Also, using kind words goes a long way and families can help younger children learn to use “please” and “thank you” by modelling it for them. Remember parents are a child’s first teacher!


Report cards will be going home on March 10th. Parents should keep all the paper material. The report card envelope needs to be signed and returned to the classroom teacher as soon as possible. If parents have questions about the information received in the report card, we encourage you to e-mail the teacher.

Once again, students in Div. 1-7, 11 and 14 (both in school and on Transitional Learning), you will be receiving information about your child’s growth and progress through e-portfolio. You are able to access your child’s e-portfolio at any time during the school year and provide feedback on the work you are seeing. Assessment posts will be made throughout the year and may be alternate times to the rest of the schools reporting period.

If your child is on Transitional Learning, you will need to come to the office between 8am – 4pm on March 11th or 12th to pick up your child’s report card.



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Tue, 2021/03/30 - 8:23am