Cook Elementary School


Cook Cougars Newsletter #9


Welcome back from what I hope was a restful Spring Break. The skies are getting bluer and the grey is fading these last few days; can summer be far behind? I’m enjoying my morning “hellos” and afternoon “good byes” while on parking lot duty; it has been very nice to meet so many Cook community members. Mrs. Kusch and I are on “traffic” duty to keep our families safe; we notice that some parents cross the road in the parking lot without using the crosswalk. Remember parents are the first teachers and you want to instill safe pedestrian habits. Please use the crosswalk.

With better weather and longer hours of light for outside activities, many of our students ride their bikes to school and in the community. This is a great habit to cultivate; however, many of the riders do not wear helmets. I had one conversation with a parent and child during which the child left home with a helmet then put it in his backpack instead of protecting his head with it! Parents, please ensure your child follows helmet laws for their safety!


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Fri, 2021/04/09 - 10:38am