Cook Elementary School


William Cook school is located in the City Centre of Richmond. Students is our school come from 28 different birth countries and identify 30 languages as the languages spoken in their homes. The diversity within our school population allows us the opportunity to learn from each other and to respect and appreciate those who come from different areas of the world with different languages and cultures. Cook school is an integral part of the larger community and we have built many community partnerships that enhance learning experiences for our students. 

William Cook Elementary School is a large (500+) and diverse community that promotes an inclusive and caring learning environment. We are committed to creating a school in which students develop an enthusiasm for learning which models and fosters, communicating and caring. We believe that all children will learn and thrive in a place where they belong and feel safe and respected. William Cook students are supported in their learning by both caring, committed staff and supportive families. We believe that the partnership between school and home is vital to student learning.

Cook prides itself on being a welcoming school with a strong sense of community and ethic of care. We surveyed staff, students and parents asking them: What makes Cook a great school?

Student Voice:

“At Cook we have nice teachers, that care about us!  Our school is welcoming, respectful, safe and inclusive”. The students also identified a strong connection to the adults in the school and the students valued the many hand on opportunities to learn that they have both inside and outside the classroom.

Staff voice:

Staff were also asked the question “What are our strengths at Cook? and “What makes you proud to be a staff member at Cook?” Staff identified a strong sense of community and collaboration. “We strive to cultivate a culture of caring and respect. “We care about all of our students and colleagues. We take time to really listen to each other. We are proud to see the inclusivity among students and enthusiasm for learning. Every child/staff feels safe and cared for.

Parent Voice:

We wanted to gain a better understanding of what Cook families valued about the school.  On rolling board displays, parents commented on how caring the teachers are and how inclusive the school is. They felt a strong sense of belonging and that their children are cared for and safe.  “We love how everyone is inclusive of people different cultures.” “Thank you for your patience!”