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 We believe education is a partnership where students, parents and teachers support each other and value the richness brought to our community through cultural and individual diversity.

Latest News

Kids Plus Accident Insurance

Please see the attached information about the discontinuation of the Kids Plus Accident Insurance Program if it is relevent to you.

Litterless Lunch: April 23-26

From Tues., Apr. 23rd to Fri., Apr. 26th the Eco Team is asking students to bring litterless lunches to school to reduce the amount of garbage we throw away...

Cook's Got Talent!

Join us for a free evening of music, entertainment and smiles! We are hosting an evening Talent Show Performance on Thurs., April 25th.  Doors open at 6:00pm...

Cook Cougar School Wear

We have started the track season and are practicing for our Zone Track Meet in May. This will involve many of our grade 4 to 7 students. We often ask students...

New Street Parking Regulations on Cook Road

The city has put up a "Bus Only" sign in front of our school (on the south side of Cook Road).  This is now a NO STOPPING ANYTIME zone.  Please do not park in...