Celebrating our diversity as learners

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 We believe education is a partnership where students, parents and teachers support each other and value the richness brought to our community through cultural and individual diversity.

Lastest News

Cook School Fort McMurray Fundraiser - A great success!

Congratulations, Cook Cougars!  You raised $1130 for Fort MacMurray in one week!  All the money is sent to Canadian Red Cross.  To celebrate the success of our fundraiser,...

District Track Meet at Minoru Track on May 19th

Our grade 3 to 7 students will participate in the District Track Meet with 3 other schools.  The track meet will take place at Minoru Track and it will be an all day event.

Sharing Our Stories Framework

In order to better align BC’s K-12 accountability processes, the Ministry of Education has afforded school districts the opportunity to create new frameworks for enhancing student...

Next Phase In Long Range Facility Plans

There will be opportunities for consultation with the school community at each of the listed schools. ~These meetings will include the consultation committee, which will have two...

Drug Abuse Resistance Education

The grade 5 students will participate in D.A.R.E. program starting March 30th. What is DARE? DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) is a prevention education program that...