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March Math Newsletter

Mathematics in the Richmond School District March 2019 One area of focus in our mathematics curriculum in BC is connecting mathematics learning to place, story...

Mathematics in Our District - Feb 2019

There is a long history of problem-solving being at the core of learning mathematics. Students’ understanding of mathematics and development of concepts,...

Snow Day Procedures

Please click on the link to read our district Snow Day procedures:

Technology Use in Mathematics

Mathematics in the Richmond School District January 2019 There are many questions that arise for educators and parents around the use of technology and the...

Idling in School Zones

City of Richmond has received numerous resident concerns regarding the idling of vehicles in school zones while parents are either picking up or dropping of...

What to do when an emergency vehicle approaches

The info is a Police Traffic Safety Initiative - What to do when an emergency vehicle approaches​. It's been translated into Chinese. 

SchoolCashOnline - SD38

For safety and efficiency reasons, Richmond School District is offering an online payment system to reduce the amount of cash and checks coming into our...