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Staff Observations

What have you done that enhanced student engagement this year in Grade 5/6?

  • Provocations with loose parts and sharing circles and oral story telling
  • Outdoor learning, mindfulness in outdoor spaces, Forest Friday, garden space, bringing the outdoor back into the classroom
  • Inquiry connected to the community (student centred based upon student curiosity, CBL, student interest)
  • Self Reflection and using the e-portfolios to go deeper and be metacognitive with students’ own learning
  • SEL: flexible seating, wobble seats, cushions, fiddle tools, which creates a comfortable environment where they are able to feel safe and have their minds on


What are our next steps?

  • Spend more time outdoors, connect learning in the class to the outdoors, connect the outdoors to learning in the class
  • Continue go deeper with inquiry (student choice, redesigned curriculum) and connect it to the larger community (ie: “Why are we doing this?”)


Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021