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Our Focus


2023 - Present:

Cook is a community that deeply cares as demonstrated in our Cook Cares Model which has been in practice for several years. From our 2022-2023 school year, one of the questions we explored was: How can we build upon the Model and align this with our academic learning? From collegial discussions, we came to an understanding that care cannot be dismissed, yet we can continue to build on the importance of social emotional learning while building in an ethos of academic learning.


Together we saw the need to support our learners with literacy especially since we have many learners coming from different parts of the world and need solid foundations in literacy for future success. 


Thus, we are pursuing a new inquiry and asking ourselves What can our learners do, know, and understand when it comes to READING? We recognize how this question blends well with the Ministry's curriculum model of Know-Do-Understand and wish to foster strong lesson sequences which will develop life-long learners.


Using the DART assessment, we will get baseline data to help us focus on one reading area to further develop as a whole school with the intent to build consistent use of language and approaches. We plan to assess that one reading area again in May to see what progress we have made over time.


Cook School Inquiry 2022 - 2023:

What does our Cook Cares Model look like and sound like? 

We continued to explore this in more depth and considered how do we know that our Cook Cares Model is working? Is there anything from the Model that needs re-assessing? How can we build upon the Model and align this with our academic learning?

Cook School Inquiry 2019-2020:

How can we better support our students with “hands on, minds on” learning opportunities to increase student engagement and communication skills?