Our Focus

Recent Learning (2022 - Present):

Cook is a community that deeply cares. The Cook Cares model (Cook cares for self, others and this place) continues to foster a strong foundation for our learners. Due to Covid, we have spent time on making sure our learners feel safe at school. As health & safety protocols soften, we see more opportunity to re-connect to our school story and continue to develop what care for self, others and place looks like and sounds like. Moving into the coming school year, will allow us to re-assess and see what our next steps are so that we continue to grow and flourish in our understanding of social-emotional learning. It will be crucial to hear more student voice to help us move forward.

Cook School Inquiry 2022 - Present:

What does our Cook Cares Model look like and sound like? 

For the 2022-2023 school year, we would like to explore this in more depth and consider how do we know that our Cook Cares Model is working? Is there anything from the Model that needs re-assessing? How can we build upon the Model and align this with our academic learning?

Previous Learning:

Over the last several years, using the Scanning process, our experienced staff noticed several things about the students they taught:

  • they are friendly, social and caring 
  • practising mindfullness helps to support them to settle/calm down and to focus
  • they enjoy hands on learning experiences, especially those outside
  • they struggle to regulate their emotions
  • they have a wide range of abilities - strengths and stretches

These hunches were confirmed through the data collected from student surveys that focused on 5 key questions:

  1. Can you name at least 2 adults at school who care about you and think you will be a success?
  2. What are you learning about as how to Care for Yourself and why it is important?
  3. What are you learning about as to how to Care for Others and why is this important?
  4. What learning opportunities/activities have you enjoyed this term?
  5. What are your next steps in your learning? 

Cook School Inquiry 2019-2020:

How can we better support our students with “hands on, minds on” learning opportunities to increase student engagement and communication skills?